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Area-2M Situations

public, 2 videos

Various situations at the Center Forward or 2M position. Examples of: Exclusion fouls, Offensive fouls, No Calls, and Penalty fouls.


Area-Perimeter Situations

public, 5 videos

Clips that illustrate good "no call" situations, examples of exclusion fouls, contra fouls and good ordinary fouls. Officials need to know when the ball is in hand. Looking for the defensive players actions is important but you need to focus on the ball (hand on-no foul)


Goals Scored

public, 16 videos

Goals scored from different areas.


Video Test CWPA-2013

public, 5 videos

Each video has a question(s) at the end of the clip. Some are multiple choice and others True or False. The questions may be specific to the video clip or relative to a rule involved. Send your answers via email to: edswimpolo@charter.net


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Goals scored from different areas.