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28 days ago in Area-2M Situations
M-2M_Exclusion with ball on perimeter-3
While the ball is on the perimeter the CFD rolls over the shoulds of the CF to gain ballside position. Result-Exclusion Foul.
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28 days ago in Goals Scored
M-Perimeter_Winning Goal Sudden Victory
Natural goal from the perimeter P4. NCAA semi final game USC beats Stanford sudden victory goal
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28 days ago in Area-Pick Situations
M-Picks_P4 to P5-Ordinary
P4 swims down to P5 and screen picks his defender. P5 uses the pick to gain space receiving the ball and is fouled (Ordinary). Direct Shot taken, goal scored
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M-Ball in Play_Ordinary-water polo move ball stolen
P3 is awarded an ordinary foul. He puts the ball in play by making a water polo move. Alert defender sees the move and steals the bal from his hand. Result-Good No Call by the Perimeter Referee.l
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28 days ago in Area-2M Situations
M-2M_No Call-CF hand on ball drop steal
The CF is positioned for a pass into 2Mer's. He receives the ball and gets his hand on it attempting to stepout. Drop defense steals the ball. Referee demonstrated good patience because the ball ...
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28 days ago in Area-Perimeter Situations
M-Perimeter_Exclusion- P4 pass and drive
Late in the counter P4 brings the ball down to the perimeter. P4 passes to P5 positions to drive and moves toward the goal. Defender shows hands up but is caught behind and leaning on the driver ...
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29 days ago in Area-Perimeter Situations
M-Perimeter_No Call-good example
P3 Offensive player gets the ball and moves into the defender attempting to draw an ordinary foul. The defender doesn't give in and reacts to show no foul. The Perimeter Referee has patience and ...
M-Perimeter_Exclusion P3 on ... M-Perimeter_Exclusion P3 on ...
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30 days ago in Area-Pick Situations
M-Picks_CF on P3's defender-drive to 2M area
P3 gets a good start on a drive to the CF's position with a pretty good undetected push-off. As P3 arrives near the 2M area, the CF jumps-out and pick/blocks his defender pretty aggressively. The ...
M-Picks_P2 to P1 Blocking Pick-N...
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30 days ago in Goals Scored
M-CF Positons-Pass from P5_Goal
CF holds inside water position outside the 2M line. Ball gets to P5 wing position who passes into the CF. Referee demonstrates good patience in letting the CF work for the goal.
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