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15 hours ago in Area-2M Situations
W-2M_Offensive-head butting
Although the head moving back was somewhat mild, it is a player safety concern and the ball was turned over. The perimeter referee made the call in collaboration with the Attach Referee. CF was set ...
W-2M_Exclusion-over top W-2M_Offensive-suit grab
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303 days ago in Video Test CWPA-2014
2014-Number 6
Calling the Center Position. Answer the questions after the 2nd, 3rd, 5th clips Use the official answer sheet attached located under the video. The official answer sheet can be downloaded under any ...
2014-Number 5 2014-Number 4
5 new videos added
315 days ago in Goals Scored
2 new videos added
316 days ago in Goals Scored
M-Goal_counter lob to far corner
Counter attack player coming down left side with ball and goalie comes out enough so a sweet lob shot to far coner scores. Men's NCAA Championships
M-Penalty Foul_Penalty Shot
1 new video added
316 days ago in Area-2M Situations
M-2M_Offensive Foul
Center forward at 2M grabs the defenders arm to maintain position and the front court referee calls the offensive foul.
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318 days ago in Goals Scored
W-2M_Pump backhand Goal
Pass comes into CF and she gets her hand on the ball faking a backhand, coming forward the taking the scoring backhand.W- NCAA Championship game
W-P2_Quick off P3 Pass W-2M_Sweep Shot
1 new video added
318 days ago in Area-2M Situations
W-2M_No Call-drop #2
No Call situation with the defense crashing back. There was no holding involved by the 2M defender when the ball came in and the defense was anticipating dropping back.
1 new video added
318 days ago in Goals Scored
W-Power Play 4-3 Goal
Well executed power play goal on a 4-3 dry pass. W-NCAA Championships
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2 years ago in Area-Perimeter Situations
P-Contra Head Butt to Exclusion
The offensive player receives a pass late in the counter and attempts to draw a foul by moving into the defender aggressively with his head to the players chest The questions is whether or not the ...
P-Holding two Hands P-Ordinary but Flip Ball Away
2 new videos added
2 years ago in Video Test CWPA-2013
CWPA#4-Direct shot Related
This video clip has a two part question. Make sure you label properly when answering. The action will take place at the P-1 position on the perimeter. An ordinary foul is called first followed by ...
CWPA#5-2M Related
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