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Features overview helps you get more out of your video, no matter what you choose to do with it. It provides you with the tools to easily and rapidly publish your content to targeted lets you distribute event video on demand, share know-how, collaborate using video, and monetize your video content. What makes it so different is its unique ablility to navigate within numerous videos or within the markers of one single video! is integrated with the features of Dartfish video software, allowing you to seamlessly create and distribute enriched content. Opportunities to interact with content, coupled with fine control over video playback allow your audiences to go beyond simply playing video, to better comprehension. Online editing allows collaboration between video contributors and viewers. Information from data logging and scoring systems can be integrated with video to automate enriched content creation. The Dartfish freeware Player enables all this enriched content to be viewed, even without an internet connection. Channel owners retain tight control over who gets access to what, so a single channel can offer variable content to different audiences. Or perhaps you prefer to keep your audience on your own website using embedded videos or playlists with as the video server? Use the following topics to discover more about these features and other benefits.